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Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts Under $100 for Adventurous Dads

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You know Father’s Day is coming. Here is your official reminder.  You liked our post about The Top 10 Travel Essentials Under $100, so we’re back with a list geared towards your #1 Fan. The days of giving Dad your alma mater memorabilia are numbered. It’s time to get creative. Go above and beyond this Father’s Day and purchase something your dad will use on an upcoming camping adventure or travel expedition. A little bit (in this case, a hundred dollars) goes a long way.


Best Travel Gift Ideas Under $100 for Father’s Day


1. Rainbow Sandals

rainbow sandals father's day gift guide

Don’t take my word for it, Reddit users are obsessed with their 10-year-old Rainbows. These sandals are widely popular in SoCal, supposedly last forever, and even if they don’t, are equipped with an excellent warranty. They originated in Laguna Beach when Jay “Sparky” Longley wouldn’t quit experimenting with his hopeful design. Many years later, Rainbows have a devoted following. You can grab a pair of the Single Layer Premier Leather sandals for $54.00.


2. Waterproof Portable Speaker

Portable Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker gift idea

A waterproof portable speaker – something you didn’t know you needed until you had it. The JBL Clip 3 Portable Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is perfect for your traveling Pops. With a full battery, the speaker has ten hours of playtime, as well as an integrated Carabiner for streamlined portability.  JBL is known for its quality outdoor products and sleek design. You can purchase this speaker for about $40.00.


3. Travel Coin Pouch

Travel Coin Pouch Bradley Mountain - father's day present

Coin pouches are useful in places like Western Europe, where certain coins still hold significant value. If your dad is hesitant about what a travel coin pouch entails, have no fear. It means your dad hasn’t heard of Bradley Mountain yet.  Bradley Mountain is a startup founded by Tyler Axtell in a garage in Ocean Beach circa 2012.  All of their products are made in the U.S.  They source natural materials and work hard to create durable goods that will sustain your adventure. Their brown leather coin pouch goes for $34.00 and is as stylish as Dad is going to get.


4. Travel Hammock

camping gift ideas for father's day

One of the best gifts you can give is the ability to take a nap in the air. The ENO SingleNest Hammock packs up to the size of a softball. Its high-strength, woven nylon, and interlocking stitching holds up to use and abuse and holds a maximum capacity of 400 pounds (though I don’t recommend testing it out). You can get this one for $49.95.


5. Packing Cubes

packing cubes travel gift ideas

Help your dad feel a bit more organized before setting off for the next adventure. Packing cubes are a simple gift, but one that will likely be used time and time again due to their lightweight and durable construction. These highly reviewed Pro Packing Cubes come with a six-piece compression set for $36.49.


6. Mini Espresso Set

Camp Espresso Maker best Father's Day Gift Ideas

If Dad is a camper and a coffee lover, this could be the perfect gift. It might take a couple of mediocre runs to get the espresso just right, but once the temperature is right, you’ll be smooth sailing. The GSI Outdoors Mini Espresso Set comes with a carry case and easy to follow instructions. It brews rather quickly, serving ready in under 90 seconds. It does, however, take a bit to cool down in between brews. You can purchase this set from REI for $39.95


7. Pocket Multi-Tool

MSTR KEY (Master Key) 20-in-1 Key-Size Multi-Tool best father's day

This handy gadget is useful for a variety of occasions, claiming to feature twenty different practical tools in one minimalist multi-tool. The MSTR KEY, for $29.99, is not much larger than your typical house key. It offers four different screwdrivers including a #2 Phillips, a #2 Flat Head, a Large Flat Head, and a Mini Flat Head. Most importantly, it’ll open a beer.


8. Tile

Tile Father's Day Gift guide

Look, I have a lot of experience losing things, and I don’t think I’m the only one. Tile Mate helps reduce the chance of misplacing important things by acting as a tracking device. What originally started as a key finder, can now help you keep track of things like your phone, your backpack, and your sanity. Okay, not your sanity, but anything tangible is fair game. For $25 you can buy a single Tile Mate, or upgrade to the Mate+Slim combo for $70.


9. Rains Waterproof Duffle

RAINS-Weekend-Bag Gift guide travel luggage

While traveling, investing in durable gear is one sure way of protecting belongings. The Rains Waterproof Duffle is a great gift; it takes on the classic duffle aesthetic while upping the ante with its waterproof quality. The bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, in case your dad is more of the over-the-shoulder-bag type. This one goes for $95.00.


10. Pimsleur Language Learning Lessons

pimsleur language_learning_app lessons gift

Last and certainly not least in your Top 10 Travel Essentials For Dad list, are quality language lessons empowering you to communicate in the local language. Our Pimsleur Premium mobile learning app makes learning on the go easy and accessible right on your phone.

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