Find Out How to Learn a New Language This Holiday Season

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With the holidays just around the corner, gift givers have begun to compile their holiday lists and search for the perfect present. For language lovers, frequent travelers, and linguists, though, the holiday season just got much simpler. With one phone call, a Pimsleur representative can instantly advise how to learn a new language with the affordable Pimsleur Holiday Gift of Language Offer.

The Perfect Gift for the 2013 Holidays:  How to Learn a New Language

Celebrating 50 years of learning language, Pimsleur has announced its Pimsleur Holiday Gift of Language Offer exclusive for this holiday season.  This special offer allows you to save 30% on any of 50 languages, priced just under $100.

Most notably, gift givers will save on a Level 1 Pimsleur course (normally $119.95) in the language of their choice. The Level 1 course includes 30-lessons accessible by a Course Manager App which houses the MP3 digital lessons.

For those fascinated with foreign languages, for heritage learners or polyglots, or those who want to learn Russian or Japanese as a hobby, this holiday promotion will certainly satisfy.  Pimsleur offers the full gamut of level 1 language courses from Arabic to Spanish to Mandarin to Punjabi. For those wanting to learn English, 15 different ESL courses are available in this promotion as well.

Most importantly the gift recipient gets to choose what Pimsleur language is included in their Holiday Gift Set.  You send the book, and a code, and they come to our site and download the language of their choice.

Study a New Language From Your Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet

You don’t have to learn your new language solely sitting at home either. Pimsleur’s Holiday Gift of Language Offer also includes access to the Pimsleur Course Manager App, which anyone can use on his or her computer, mobile phone, or tablet.  The Pimsleur Course Manager App supports iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and phones, PC or Mac computers, laptops, and more.

Last but not least, the offer includes a complimentary hardcover edition of Dr. Paul Pimsleur’s How to Learn a Foreign Language. Normally a $19.99 value, the Pimsleur classic is included free of charge as part of the holiday package.

Interested in making a purchase today, for someone in your family or a friend, or merely have questions on how to learn a new language through Pimsleur? Order the Holiday Gift of Language Offer by phone 24-7 at 800-741-1548.  Purchase this unique gift of a new language, and let the recipient choose the language to learn.  Give the gift of language.  Give the gift that will last a lifetime.  Give a Pimsleur Holiday Gift of Language Offer this holiday season.

Give a Pimsleur Holiday Gift of Language Offer this holiday season, and enjoy watching your recipient choose a new world to explore.