Anyone Can Solo Camp Before I opened my eyes, I heard the subtle roll of thunder and the pitter-patter of rain. I rolled over and read a text from my partner: “Good morning. Hope you’re up and at it getting ready for your adventure today. Proud of you.” I opened the weather app. It was … Read More >>

spanish soccer terms la liga

Essential Spanish Soccer Expressions and Vocabulary for La Liga 2020 Fútbol Season Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona. The most highly anticipated rivalry match-up of any La Liga season. These two teams are as different as night and day, and so are their fans. But there is ONE thing that connects them all…Spanish!  With this year’s soccer season … Read More >>

travel resolutions where to go in 2020

Happy New Year! Where will you go? What will you do? The year ahead is full of possibilities and wonder. Allow this month-by-month travel itinerary to spark your imagination and inspire you to pack your bags, walk out your front door, and explore the world. New Year’s Travel Resolution – Where to Go in 2020 … Read More >>