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Pimsleur Guide to Latin Music Salsa Music

I’m sure you’ll agree that no matter where you are, Latin music is gaining speed on billboards everywhere. Ever since the reggaeton hit “Despacito” was declared the #1 video in the WORLD, attention has turned to Latin music and its irresistible sound. (Reggaeton which originated in Puerto Rico during the late 1990s is a mash-up … Read More >>

The United States of America has a population of 317 million as of 2013. The total population 5 years and over for 2011 was 291 million. Data released by the U.S. Census Bureau for this segment showed that 231 million people spoke only English at home and 37.5 million spoke Spanish at home. While 80% … Read More >>


It is believed that there are approximately 7,000 spoken languages in the world today. About 230 of these languages are spoken throughout Europe with 23 of them being official languages. However, across the Atlantic in the United States, there is no official spoken language. Over 80% of Americans speak only English. In fact, just 15 … Read More >>