Language Learning

Famous Spanish Sayings and idioms

Idioms, a.k.a. expressions or turns of phrase, are cultural savoir-faire that any language learner should invest in when learning a new language. Spanish sayings are great tools when learning Spanish for several reasons! Benefits of Learning Spanish Idioms & Sayings Idioms are mnemonic devices, or memory aids, that facilitate vocabulary retention. They allow you to memorize whole phrases, like song … Read More >>

Torfan How to Create Alien Language Avengers: Endgame Conlanger

Linguistics students spend their time studying phonetics, dissecting sentence structures, and … creating alien languages? That’s right. Two linguistics students from Cornell, Ryan Hearn, and Joseph Ryne hit the jackpot when Hollywood reached out to the university looking for young talent to create Torfan, a never-before-heard alien language, for America’s sweetheart Captain Marvel movie. So how … Read More >>