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How to Learn Korean on YouTube

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Can You Learn Korean from YouTube? Yes!

Interest in Korean language and culture has exploded the past few years. K-Pop bands like BTS and BLACKPINK have found huge success around the world and series like Squid Game have taught everyone tidbits about Korean culture (dalgona, anyone?).

If you’re interested in learning some Korean or brushing up on what you already know, you’ll need to find high-quality tools and resources. This can be a pretty daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to start.

But have no fear – One of the most useful resources is probably already on your phone or tablet: YouTube!

There are a ton of YouTube channels out there that can help you learn Korean. To save you some time, we’ve found 7 of the most helpful ones. So without further ado, here they are!

Best YouTube Channels to Learn Korean

1. Korean Unnie

Korean Unnie is the perfect place to start if you’re dipping your toes in Korean. “Unnie” means “sister” in Korean, and the host’s relatable and charismatic approach to teaching you the language and culture makes it a fitting name. You’ll find videos that cover more general topics like the Korean alphabet and country names as well as more specific topics like tongue twisters and the Korean school system.

Her videos are an excellent way for beginners and intermediate learners to beef up their vocabulary and improve pronunciation. She’s a native Korean speaker, but speaks quite a bit of English in her videos. This makes them easy to follow and more laid back for those who are looking to improve their basic skills.

2. Talk To Me In Korean (TTMIK)

The Talk To Me In Korean YouTube channel is one of the most popular channels for learning the language. It has over 1.2 million subscribers, and with good reason! The videos are packed with useful information and the hosts break down different aspects of the language in a simple and straightforward way.

Some of the videos are super short (around 30 seconds) and quickly teach you need-to-know vocab and grammar. Other videos are a bit longer and really go into detail about different topics. No matter which videos you watch on the channel, you’ll learn to speak Korean more naturally and confidently.

The videos are a mix of Korean and English, so they’re accessible to all learners regardless of their level. The hosts are always native Korean speakers though, which will help you tweak your pronunciation.

3. Jaeguchi

The Jaeguchi channel is a K-Pop lover’s dream come true. You won’t find traditional Korean lessons here, but instead a huge selection of the best K-Pop songs. What makes Jaeguchi perfect for Korean learners is the subtitles for the song. You’ll see the original lyrics in Korean, a transliteration of how to pronounce the lyrics, and the English translation. It’s a pretty popular way to immerse yourself in the Korean language and culture at the same time too – The channel has over 4 million subscribers!

The videos are perfect for every level because of the subtitles. You can practice listening to the lyrics and try following along in Korean. If you need some extra help, you can take a look at the transliteration and translation to help you fill in anything you don’t understand. In addition to improving your Korean skills, you’ll also be up-to-date on the latest hits!

4. Learn Korean with Go! Billy Korean

For those who need a little inspiration and motivation while they study, Learn Korean with Go! Billy Korean may be just what you need. The whole channel is dedicated to helping Korean learners understand different aspects of the language, including more subtle topics like Hanja pairs and Korean spacing. The motivational side of the channel comes from the host, Billy. He’s actually from the USA but speaks Korean fluently. Learning from a non-native speaker can actually help you learn more effectively sometimes because they’ll already understand your pain points.

Billy’s videos are a mix of Korean and English, with most of his explanations being in English. He also includes a lot of writing and graphics throughout the videos to show you what he’s talking about. He’s a really engaging host and provides a lot of detail, so check out his channel to learn from a successful Korean learner!

5. Seemile Korean

The last YouTube channel on the list is Seemile Korean. It stands out from the other ones on this list in one important way – it makes videos for more than just native English speakers. If your native language is English, Japanese, Chinese, or Vietnamese, Seemile Korean’s videos can help you. Another awesome aspect of Seemile Korean is that there’s a whole playlist dedicated to helping you prepare for the TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korea) exam.

Seemile Korean’s videos use both English and Korean (or the other languages listed above) to help you learn. Beginner and intermediate learners will find the topics particularly useful. If you’re looking for more immersive videos, you can listen to native speakers read stories like The Little Prince or watch interviews about the culture and life in South Korea.

Have Fun While You Learn Korean

One of the best ways to learn Korean successfully is to make your study sessions fun and engaging. Not only will you keep yourself motivated to learn, but you’ll also remember more of the content in the long term. Korean is a difficult language for English speakers to learn, so keeping yourself entertained while you practice is a must!

While the YouTube videos on this list can help improve your listening skills and build up your grammar, it’s also important to practice speaking. The Pimsleur Korean course is a fantastic way to practice speaking anytime you want, no matter what your level is. By using Pimsleur and YouTube together, you’ll learn to speak Korean quickly, confidently, and most importantly, like a native!

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