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9 Free Websites to Improve Your Spanish

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How to Learn Spanish Online

There’s no “right” way to learn Spanish. If your goal is to be fluent, you’ll most likely use several different tools and resources throughout your language-learning journey, and that’s a good thing.

There are a many different Spanish apps, podcasts, and websites available to help you learn the language, but sometimes it almost seems like there are too many.

Finding the resources that make the most of your precious study time is really important because if you waste time on low-quality and unhelpful study materials, you’ll not only become frustrated, you’ll lose motivation!

Fear not, though! These 9 websites are some of the best on the web for improving your Spanish skills—and best of all, they’re free!

9 Best Websites to Learn Spanish Online

1. Conjuguemos

Conjuguemos is the brainchild of Spanish teacher Alejandro Yegros. It’s a one-stop shop for learning and practicing Spanish verb conjugations, vocabulary, grammar, and even listening skills.

The best part of the site is definitely the verb conjugation exercises, though. You can choose which tenses and moods you want to practice and which types of verbs you want to practice: regular, irregular, stem-changing, spelling-changing, and reflexive. Repetition is key when it comes to conjugating verbs, and this site will have you remembering them in no time!

2. SpanishDict

SpanishDict offers a wide range of activities to improve different skills. You can complete vocabulary, translation, and conjugation exercises and practice grammar and pronunciation.

The grammar lessons and exercises are really useful because they cover topics that are usually pretty difficult for people learning Spanish. They have entire sections dedicated to Por vs. Para, the subjunctive tense, and Ser vs. Estar. These make SpanishDict the perfect reference when you get stuck on a certain topic.

3. Spanish Language and Culture

This website isn’t the most flashy or interactive, but the quality of its content is outstanding. It has in-depth grammar guides and vocabulary lists and also offers some cool ways to immerse yourself in Latino culture.

You can read or listen to poems from Latino writers and watch videos that show different situations you may encounter. These are really helpful because they can help you speak more naturally and be a nice break from studying some of the “less fun” aspects of Spanish, like grammar.

4. University of Texas – Spanish Proficiency Exercises

This website is another one you shouldn’t judge at first glance. It’s pretty basic, but it contains many Spanish videos, podcasts, and lessons (called “tasks”) useful for learners of all levels. Each task is organized by level, too, which is really helpful.

You can find tasks for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and superior speakers, and the podcasts are also divided by level. There’s a grammar index that you can reference for quick answers to any related questions you may have, so be sure and bookmark this page!

5. Practical Spanish

Practical Spanish is another free website full of top-notch Spanish content. It has lessons for beginners to advanced learners, as well as videos and reading exercises. Everything is divided by level for easy navigation.

The reading passages are especially helpful because they have a side-by-side translation and some practice questions afterward. Reading these aloud can help improve your speaking skills, even if you’re reading alone! There aren’t a huge number of activities to do, but it’s worth checking back every so often, as the website is updated occasionally.

6. Forvo

You may have already heard of Forvo, but if not, it’s a site you need to know about. It’s a massive pronunciation dictionary that also has helpful vocabulary lists. Instead of trying to help you improve your skills, Forvo focuses strictly on vocabulary and pronunciation…and it does this well.

Some of the lists you can find include “Greetings and Apologies”, “Means of Transport”, and “Directions and Locating”. Every word has audio of a native speaker pronouncing it, and you’re free to explore the lists until your heart’s content.

7. CNN in Spanish

Forvo is a useful resource for beginners and intermediate learners, but if you’re more advanced, immersing yourself in native content like CNN in Spanish will probably be more helpful. CNN is one of the biggest news organizations in the world, so you’ll always find the latest articles covering a huge variety of topics.

Because the content is geared towards Spanish speakers, the articles tend to cover the Spanish-speaking world. This makes CNN in Spanish a great way to stay up-to-date on what’s going on in Latin America.

8. BBC Spanish

BBC is another major news organization, but it actually has a separate site dedicated to Spanish learners. It’s packed with lessons, courses, and other activities to help improve every aspect of your Spanish.

From interactive video dramas like “Mi Vida Loca” to a complete guide to Spanish slang, you can always find something interesting on BBC Spanish. There are crosswords and games, Spanish level tests, and even a list of other websites where you can learn Spanish. BBC Spanish is an excellent way to complement your more structured Spanish studies.

9. The Pimsleur Spanish Blog

The last free website you must check out is the Pimsleur Spanish blog. It has articles covering many topics, like South American wines and how to talk about them, Colombian slang, and a Spanish small-talk guide to help you through any situation.

The articles are the best way to learn more about the Spanish language and the different cultures and people who speak it. Whether you’re learning Spanish for work, fun, or travel, Pimsleur’s Spanish blog has articles that can help you take one step forward towards fluency.

Start Learning Spanish Online Today

There are many websites out there with Spanish content, but sometimes, it can be hard to find the ones that will actually help you learn the language. The sites on this list all offer unique ways to learn different aspects of the language, and using a few of them regularly can really help improve your skills.

While they can be great complementary tools, using only these websites to learn Spanish won’t get you to fluency. You’ll need a complete Spanish course that guides you through the different aspects of the language. Using a combination of all of these, you’ll find yourself speaking Spanish in no time!

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