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How to Learn Italian on YouTube

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Are you looking for a way to augment your Italian learning? Because it’s a pretty popular language to learn, there are a lot of resources and tools available to learn Italian. It can actually be a little overwhelming looking through all the different options!

One of the best places to learn and practice Italian is actually on YouTube though. A lot of language learners overlook YouTube, but there are some great Italian channels that will teach you everything from vocabulary and grammar to culture and current events in Italy.

Whether you are just starting out or want to take your Italian skills to the next level, there are Italian YouTube channels for everyone. In this article, we’ll talk about eight fantastic YouTube channels where learners of all levels can find what they need.

8 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Italian

1. Italy Made Easy

Italy Made Easy is the ultimate YouTube channel for those who love Italy and the Italian language. Manu is the host of the videos and he helps beginners learn basic Italian skills. His videos can also help you gain the confidence to start speaking yourself.

Manu has an engaging personality and has a knack for breaking down difficult aspects of the Italian language to help you understand them more easily. He actively reads his viewers’ comments and answers their questions in his videos.

It’s clear that Manu genuinely wants to help his viewers learn to speak Italian, and his videos can help you do just that!

2. Learn Italian With Lucrezia

If Italian grammar is what you want to learn, look no further than Learn Italian With Lucrezia. She covers the most important topics Italian learners need to know about it, from the basics like introducing yourself to more complex grammar like prepositions and verb tenses.

Lucrezia offers a lot more than typical language lessons though. She also makes videos (in Italian) showing her daily life in Italy. Watching these add a cultural aspect to your language learning and shows you what life is like in Italy. It’s also pretty cool to see the different sites!

Another part of Lucrezia’s YouTube channel you need to check out is her cooking videos. Everyone loves Italian food, and Lucrezia makes videos showing you how to cook it yourself. She shows you everything from going to the supermarket to making the perfect summer coffee drinks.

3. One Word Italiano

If you’re looking for complete immersion in Italian, you should check out the One Word Italiano YouTube channel. The videos cover all the topics you need to build a solid foundation in Italian, but the main reason One Word Italiano stands out from other channels is that every video is completely in Italian (even the beginner videos).

While the thought of that may seem a little overwhelming, this is probably the quickest way to actually learn Italian.

The teacher, Veronica, uses a lot of props in her videos and she also repeats herself a lot. Even though you may not understand everything she’s saying at first, you’ll understand everything by the end of each video.

4. LearnAmo

Graziana and Rocco are the two who created the LearnAmo YouTube Channel, and they cover a lot of useful topics in their videos. Their personalities are engaging and their videos are really fun to watch.

From watching Rocco make bruschetta to Graziana teaching you how to correctly use Italian prepositions, there’s something for everyone on this channel.

The videos are all in Italian, but a lot of them have English subtitles if you want to make sure you understand everything correctly.

5. Your Italian Teacher

Valeria is the teacher behind the Your Italian Teacher YouTube channel. By watching her videos, you’ll learn a lot of Italian grammar and vocabulary. She also teaches colloquial expressions you’ll hear native Italian speakers use.

Valeria’s main focus is helping you speak Italian more naturally. Her videos can be really helpful if you already have a basic understanding of Italian because she often breaks down common mistakes that Italian learners make.

Over time, you’ll start to understand how Italians actually speak and you’ll sound a lot more fluent by fine-tuning your grammar and learning useful phrases and sayings.

6. Fanpage

If you’re an intermediate or advanced Italian learner, Fanpage is a cool channel to improve your language skills and also keep up with current events in Italy. Fanpage is an independent newspaper in Italy that covers some of the biggest news stories in the country.

All of the videos are high quality and can really enhance your understanding of Italian culture and what’s happening in the country.

The channel publishes multiple new videos every day, so there’s always something new to watch. The videos link to the actual news stories on Fanpage’s website too, so you can also brush up on your reading skills!

7. Italiano Automatico

The main focus of the Italian Automatico YouTube channel is to help you communicate more effectively in Italian. Alberto is the creator of the channel, and he doesn’t teach grammar or the more difficult aspects of Italian. Instead, his videos help you gain the confidence to start speaking it.

His videos are sometimes funny, sometimes inspiring, and always interesting to watch. He even has his grandma make an appearance every once in a while!

By watching Italiano Automatico videos, you’ll start to speak Italian like the Italians do. You’ll also gain some helpful tips for staying motivated while you study!

8. La Studentessa Matta

The last channel on this list could also be one of the most inspirational. Not necessarily because of the content, but because of its creator! The channel is hosted by Melissa Muldoon, who is an Italian learner herself.

She has studied the language for over 15 years and now lives in Italy. She hosts language immersion and homestay programs in the country in addition to making regular YouTube videos.

Her videos are all in Italian, and they cover both the Italian language and culture in a fun, light-hearted way. Learning Italian can be difficult sometimes, but learning from someone who has been successful at it can be really motivating.

Start Learning Italian Today

The most effective way to improve your Italian skills quickly is to study Pimsleur’s Italian course. Start speaking from your very first lesson and become conversational in no time. Coupled with the YouTube channels in this article, immersing yourself in Italian at home has never been so easy.

Before long, you’ll be speaking Italian like a native!

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  1. These are channels worth bookmarking. I’ve seen how learners easily imbibe language by being able to relate to the videos. Veronica is very cute, her audio needs improvement though. I find Alberto and Rocco and Graziana’s subtitles very helpful for beginners. Tante grazie per esserti assicurato che alcuni video siano per principianti, intermedi o avanzati. Ciao!

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