How to Order Coffee in Italy & Avoid Faux Pas (Includes Italian Coffee Vocabulary and Phrases)If there’s something that I’ve learned from living as an ex-pat in Italy (and being married to an Italian), it’s that Italians take their coffee very seriously. That’s why learning how to order coffee in Italian is as complex as the scintillating aromas emanating from your freshly pulled espresso. Read More >>

Beyond the Gondolas and the Colosseum: Top 10 Offbeat Sites to See When you Travel to Italy In choosing my Top 10 places to see on your travel to Italy I purposely avoided Rome, Florence, and Venice, the cities most visited by tourists on their first travel to Italy.  If you've missed Part 1 of my Top 10 places to visit when you travel to Italy, you can check it out here.  Otherwise, let's continue with the 5 remaining off the beaten path destinations in Italy. Read More >>