how to write a love letter in italian

How to Write a Love Letter in Italian – 28 Ways to Say I Love You

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Express Yourself Romantically in the Most Romantic Language on the Planet!

Valentine’s Day is upon us. What better way to show your Italian love than with a love letter in Italian!

Love letters are timeless and one of the most romantic forms of communication. And the Italians popularized the method of love through their language of love! Just hop over to Verona and find the hundreds of letters to Juliet pressed into the walls for proof!

Juliet Club giulietta how to write a love letter in italian
Letters on the walls of Casa di Giulietta (Juliet’s House), home of the Capulet family in Verona, Italy

If you’re having trouble writing a love letter in Italian, we have some phrases you can pull together to complete your amorous declaration to your loved ones.

Let’s go over some Italian words and phrases you can use for your next letter.

Italian Greetings

First, you’ll want to start your letter with a greeting. Why simply use your special someone’s name when there are so many romantic pet names to choose from! Start your love letter off with one of these loving nicknames.

  • Cara / Dear (to a woman)
  • Caro / Dear (to a man)
  • Ciao bella / Hello beautiful (to a woman)
  • Ciao bello / Hello handsome (to a man)
  • Tesoro mio / My treasure (darling)
  • Amore mio / My love
  • La mia gioia / My joy
  • Angelo/ Angel
  • Stella / Star
  • Stellina / Little star
  • Alla mia dolce metà / To my sweet half
  • Al mio mondo / To my world
how to write a love letter in italian
valentines day

28 Ways to Say I Love You – Romantic Italian Phrases

Next, it’s time to open your heart. Tell them how you feel about them and how they make you feel. Bear your soul and pour your heart out to them with your love letter in Italian.

Check out these romantic Italian phrases to get your partner swooning!

  1. Ti amo. / I love you.
  2. Ti amo molto. / I love you very much.
  3. Ti adoro. / I adore you.
  4. Ho bisogno di te. / I need you.
  5. Il mio cuore è tuo. / My heart is yours.
  6. Sei la mia anima gemella. / You are my soulmate.
  7. Sei il mio tesoro. / You are my treasure.
  8. Vuoi sposarmi? / Will you marry me?
  9. Sei la donna dei miei sogni. / You are the woman of my dreams.
  10. Sei l’uomo dei miei sogni. / You are the man of my dreams.
  11. Sei tutto per me. / You are everything to me.
  12. Significhi tutto per me. / You mean everything to me.
  13. Sei il grande amore della mia vita. / You are the love of my life.
  14. Ho un debole per te. / I am weak for you.
  15. Sono innamorato di te. / I am in love with you. (to a man)
  16. Sono innamorata di te. / I am in love with you. (to a woman)
  17. Sono pazzo di te. / I am crazy about you. (to a man)
  18. Sono pazza di te. / I am crazy about you. (to a woman)
  19. Senza di te, la vita non ha significato. / Without you, life has no meaning.
  20. Vorrei poterti baciare proprio ora. / I wish I could kiss you right now.
  21. Voglio godermi ogni attimo con te. / I want to savor every moment with you.
  22. Voglio passare il resto della mia. / I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
  23. Con te voglio invecchiare. / I want to grow old with you.
  24. Giorno e notte penso solo a te. / Day and night, I think only of you.
  25. Senza di te non posso più vivere. / Without you I cannot live.
  26. La tua bellezza mi toglie il fiato. / Your beauty takes my breath away.
  27. Sei piu bella di un angelo. / You are more beautiful than an angel.
  28. Il tuo sorriso è il sole della mia vita. / Your smile is the sun of my life.
How to Write a Love Letter in Italian greeting romantic phrases

How to End a Love Letter in Italian

Now it’s time to finish your amorous letter. Use one of these ending phrases and your name to end your love letter in Italian. 

  • Con amore, /  With love,
  • Con affetto, / With affection,
  • Con tutto il mio cuore, /  With all my heart,
  • Con tanto affetto, / With so much affection,
  • Con tanto amore, / With so much love,
  • Con un sacco di baci, / With a ton of kisses,
  • Per sempre tua, / Forever yours,
  • Sinceramente tuo, / Most faithfully yours,
  • Ti penso sempre, / I’m always thinking of you,
  • Mi mancherai, / I’ll miss you,
  • Sei sempre nel mio cuore, / You’re always in my heart,
  • Sei sempre nei miei pensieri, / You’re always in my thoughts,
  • Tuo partner amorevole, / Your loving partner,
  • Baci e abbracci, / Hugs and kisses,

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