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Customize Your Language Learning With Pimsleur – New Premium App Features

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The Pimsleur Premium App Keeps Getting Better!

The development team at Pimsleur is continuously working to improve your app to make it easier for you to learn on your own terms. The latest Premium release brings a host of new features for both mobile and desktop, designed to put you in control of your language learning.

Pimsleur Premium is available for all of our top languages (and we’re working to add more). If you’re already using it, you’ll get these updates automatically. If you’re not, what are you waiting for?

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Get the Most Out Your Pimsleur App With These New Features:

Me Tab

For the ultimate in personalization, the Me tab at the far right of your screen (at the top on the web version, at the bottom on mobile) opens up a whole new ability to focus and customize your learning. As you work your way through each level’s flash cards or Skills items, you can select the words and phrases you want to work on, and put them into your own personal practice deck. You can keep one list for yourself, and if you share the account with family members, everyone gets to make their own list.

My Saved Vocabulary

Click on My Saved Vocabulary to see an alphabetical listing of all the words on your personal list.  Tap on any card to get a flash card version. You can easily add or remove items by tapping on the icon at the top right of the card, either while doing the flash cards or Skills, or directly from the list.

Pimsleur Spanish Updates

You’ll notice a new button at the top right of every flash card and Skill item, which allows you to save the word or sentence to your personal list. These can be sentences you want to practice or ones you just want to have at hand while learning or practicing.

Pimsleur App New Features Saved Vocabulary

Practice Lesson Selector

The Practice tab now includes a Lesson Selector, which allows you to choose which lesson or lessons you want to work on. For the flash cards, the Quick Match quiz, and the Speed Round you can choose as few or many as you want to do in one session. (You may want to work up to doing multiples on the Speed Round to avoid having your head explode.)

Speak Easy conversation practice lets you choose one conversation at a time to work on. Once you’ve finished the audio lesson, the practice elements become available for that lesson. Use the Select All button to practice everything you’ve learned in all of the audio lessons you’ve completed.

Pimsleur Teaches You to Read

A key component of Dr. Pimsleur’s philosophy on language learning was to teach the sounds of the letters and letter combinations unique to every language, providing a counterpoint to the conversational approach used in the audio lessons. Quite conveniently, it also lets you read street signs, menus, and possibly, the instructions that came with your new microwave.

Pimsleur App Learn Spanish

Lessons that include Readings are now highlighted on the main lesson page, making them easier to find, and letting you decide whether to do the reading lessons along with the audio lesson or to do them all together after completing the audio lessons. Either way, you should be reading at approximately the same fluency as you are speaking at the end of each level.

We want to hear from you!

What do you think of these changes?  Will they make your learning easier and more fun?  What other things would you like to see your Pimsleur app be able to do?  Let us know in the comments or by completing the feedback form on our site at

* Premium features are currently available for Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Norwegian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Eastern Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, and ESL Spanish. 

3 Comments for "Customize Your Language Learning With Pimsleur – New Premium App Features"

  1. How does the premium share with 3 family Members work?

    Are they all going to be Able to track there progress?

    Are they all going to have separate username or Space for themselves?

    If yes then is all good, if not please i will like to know how it works.
    Thanks for your reply in advance.

  2. Hi MaryAnn,
    Thanks for your question. We don’t currently have the option of viewing flash cards together in one list, but we’ve got it on the list for future development. For now, you can add flash cards to your Saved Vocabulary using the icon at the top right of each card which should allow you to see them sorted alphabetically. In addition, the Skills tab offers a list of phrases taught sorted by topic. These phrases incorporate all the words from the flash cards in complete sentences, which is how Dr. Pimsleur recommended learning them. I hope this helps! Thanks again for your feedback.

  3. Is there a way to visualize all of my vocabulary flashcards into one place? I realize I can make my own set under “My Saved Vocabulary” but I would rather have them all available at one time under each category (and an option all-together) so that I can compare the words. This would help me sort out the differences between similar words, and compare as words change depending on the subject and situation. Right now I can only find a way to view them separately under each lesson.

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