Russian New Year and Russian Christmas

Russian Winter Holiday traditions and celebrations are the longest and most anticipated of the year, running from the end of December until mid-January.  The Russian New Year’s and Russian Orthodox Christmas season is marked with what a Westerner would call a Christmas tree, but in Russia is called a “New Year Tree,” Novogodnyaya Yolka. For … Read More >>

Russian Folk Remedies & Cures Wintertime is the season of sickness when colds and the flu run rampant through the population (the perfect time to learn Russian tucked under the covers!).  With their bitterly cold, endless winters, the Russians know this better than anyone and have perfected an assortment of effective treatments to ward off … Read More >>

How to Speak Russian: Eat Blini

If you want to know how to speak Russian, an important word to learn is blini. “Blini” are delicious Russian-style pancakes eaten with a variety of toppings—the most common are sour cream, caviar, butter, and jam (but not all at the same time). The streets in Moscow and other Russian cities are always full of … Read More >>