How to Learn a Language in Today’s Global Culture

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It is believed that there are approximately 7,000 spoken languages in the world today. About 230 of these languages are spoken throughout Europe with 23 of them being official languages. However, across the Atlantic in the United States, there is no official spoken language. Over 80% of Americans speak only English. In fact, just 15 to 20% of Americans are bilingual, while 56% of Europeans are able to speak multiple languages.

As the global culture evolves, the world is becoming smaller and more immediate. The digital age allows us to communicate and conduct business overseas with ease and efficiency.  Never has there been a better time for Americans to considering researching how to learn a language. Being bilingual provides you not just doubled conversational ability, but with life opportunities you might not be aware of.

Learning A New Language Improves Your Employment Opportunities

An ever-growing variety of companies are starting to hire bilingual employees to meet the needs of the growing global business culture. As employers are conducting more business overseas, the need for accurate communication is paramount. By taking the time to research the best language for you to learn with regards to how it applies to your industry, and how to learn a language in general, you often can make yourself more valuable in this highly-competitive job market. Companies are often willing to pay nearly 15% more to an employee who is able to speak multiple languages.

How Learning A Language Enhances Your Travels

Devoting time to learning a new language also provides personal rewards. International travel is on a steady incline as the ability to book trips, research famous sites, and plan travel become increasingly easier. Online travel sites provide accessibility to the world beyond our borders. Planning that amazing trip to Paris or Madrid is relatively stress-free in the digital age. Likewise, making travel plans takes less time these days, leaving more time to focus on how to learn a language to make your trip more enjoyable. Spain, France, Italy and even more exotic locales provide amazing sights and cuisine unique to each country. Being able to learn the native tongue of a country you are traveling to can open up a world of small town gems that you could miss if you were not able to communicate with the locals.

Learning a new language is also growing in popularity. More and more classes and courses are being offered all over America both in person and online. Taking the time to explore new dialects and cultures is a rewarding experience that will enrich your life both personally and professionally. As the growing global culture changes, focusing on how to learn a language will help Americans understand the changing world around them and provide amazing opportunities that can change the course of their lives.


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