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Learn Spanish with Netflix – Top 10 Spanish TV Series

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The Best Spanish TV Shows on Netflix to Learn Spanish

Spanish learners – If you are asking yourselves “Should I watch Spanish Netflix shows to improve my Spanish?” the answer is a resounding “Sí”!

One of the best ways to learn new vocabulary quickly is to use a medium you love. Mediums you love are the ones that you already visit daily, like Spotify on your way to work or Netflix on your couch after a long day.

And let’s face it, we all already spend way more time on Netflix than we’d like to admit, so we might as well put it to Spanish learning use!

As a polyglot, I prefer series over movies because I get more invested in the plot and hear the vocabulary repeated more times and in more unique contexts than in a film, for example.

Here is a list of my favorite Spanish series on Netflix, accompanied by the following:

  • Trailers for each series
  • A “For people who also like” section (to see if it’s for you)
  • The accent in which the characters speak
  • Type of Spanish vocabulary you will learn
  • A brief plot description

1. La Casa de Papel (Money Heist)

For People Who Also Like: CSI, Police drama, Ocean’s 11

Spanish Accent: Spain

Spanish Vocabulary You’ll Learn:

  • Los atracadores (robbers)
  • Rescatar (to rescue)
  • Policia federal (Federal police)
  • Investigaciones (investigations)
  • La fábrica de la moneda (the minting factory)

Description: This is by far one of the best series I’ve seen in any language. Three seasons of pure bliss – and Spain is riding its way to cinematographic fame on the back of it.

The story is about a criminal mastermind (alias “The Professor”) who creates an intricate plan to pull off the biggest recorded heist in history – to sneak into the Royal Mint of Spain and print billions of euros, essentially not “stealing” anything.

To execute the plan, he recruits eight of Spain’s most criminally-talented delinquents, each with certain unique skills and lives they don’t mind leaving behind.

2. Narcos

For People Who Also Like: CSI, Police drama, Breaking Bad

Spanish Accent: Colombia, Spanglish

Spanish Vocabulary You’ll Learn:

  • Narcotráfico (drug trafficking)
  • Imperio (empire)
  • Secuestro (kidnapping)
  • El jefe (the boss)
  • Lavado de dinero (money laundering)

Description: I’m pretty sure Narcos can speak for itself at this point, but in case you haven’t heard: this series is epic.

The groovy series is set in Colombia and Miami in the 80s follows the insane rise of the cocaine trade in Colombia and the terrifying real-life stories of the drug lords turned politicians that made it happen.

We also get a glimpse at actions taken by law enforcement during the “war on drugs”, giving an insider look at what Washington was up against and what really happened when nobody was watching.

3. Las Chicas del Cable (The Cable Girls)

For People Who Also Like: Social Issues Drama, Great Gatsby

Spanish Accent: Spain

Spanish Vocabulary You’ll Learn:

  • Libertar (to set free)
  • Mujeres independientes (independent women)
  • Luchar (to fight)
  • Los derechos humanos (human rights)
  • Trabajar (to work)

Description: For those of you who love a good social justice battle and juicy love stories set in the 20s (I’m talking to you Great Gatsby fans), then this series is perfect for you.

Back in 1928, a modern telecommunications company opened up in Madrid, Spain. The show takes you through the lives of four women when they start to work full time at this cable company.

These four brave ladies band together and try to find their place in their professional and personal worlds, battling hardships that women faced in the years leading up to the 1920s.

4. El Ministerio Del Tiempo (The Minister of Time)

For People Who Also Like: Imaginative Series, Benjamin Button, Inception

Spanish Accent: Spain

Spanish Vocabulary You’ll Learn:

  • Misiones (missions)
  • Ejército (military)
  • Aventuras (adventures)
  • Viajar en el tiempo (time travel)
  • El efecto mariposa (the butterfly effect)

Netflix Description: If you like secret agencies and time travel (who doesn’t) or maybe you’re a history buff, then this series is perfect for you!

The show features an unlikely team comprised of a warrior from the 16th century, the first female university student from the 19th century, and a paramedic from the 21st century, who all join forces to work for a secret time-traveling agency.

Their mission? To prevent others from changing Spanish history using time-traveling portals.

This is a great series to dig deeper into Spanish history and learn culturally relevant vocabulary.

5. Velvet

For People Who Also Like: Forbidden Love, The Notebook

Spanish Accent: Spain

Spanish Vocabulary You’ll Learn:

  • Engreído (vain, stuck up)
  • Delatar (reveal)
  • Amor prohibido (forbidden love)
  • Empleada (a worker/maid)
  • Pijo/as (fancy, upper class – Spanish slang)

Netflix Description: Did you sob like a baby in the last 30 minutes of The Notebook like me?

Okay, I’m lying. It was definitely the full two hours.

The main plot of Velvet follows a forbidden love in 1950s Madrid during the golden era of haute couture. The son of the owner of the most luxurious clothing emporium falls in love with the lowly dressmaker.

As the clothing industry evolves in the 60s and social rights are fought for in the streets, the main characters revel in the family business and relational turmoil while trying to be together.

If you’re a sucker for forbidden love and couture fashion, this show is definitely for you.

6. Estocolmo

For People Who Also Like: Thriller, Taken

Spanish Accent: Argentina

Spanish Vocabulary You’ll Learn:

  • Los negocios (business)
  • La política (politics)
  • Agente (agente)
  • Trata de personas (human trafficking)
  • La justicia (justice)

Description: If you sat on the edge of your seat for an hour and a half watching Liam Neeson track down bad guys in Taken, then this is most definitely the series for you.

The series features an undercover agent, a prosecutor and a journalist who join forces to bring down a vicious human trafficking ring, but they keep running into obstacles as they dive deeper into the organization.

7. Elite

For People Who Also Like: Suspenseful, Prep School, Pretty Little Liars

Spanish Accent: Spain

Spanish Vocabulary You’ll Learn:

  • Escuela (school)
  • Clase alta (high class)
  • Ocultar (to hide in secret)
  • Confesar (to confess)
  • Traición (betrayal)

Description: It’s Gossip Girl turned Pretty Little Liars – and you’re in the front seat.

The series takes place in an exclusive private school in Spain, a nostalgic reference to Rebeldes (see below). When three teens from lower, working-class families enroll, there’s an instant clash between them and the elite students. But no one thought it would lead to murder.

Follow these teens through their secret lives and discover who really has the blood on their hands!

8. El Chapo

For People Who Also Like: Drug Wars, Police, Sicario

Spanish Accent: Mexico, Spanglish

Spanish Vocabulary You’ll Learn:

  • Un acuerdo (an agreement)
  • Vida política (political career)
  • Yo me encargo (I’ll take care of it)
  • Medidas (measures)
  • Desmadres (problems, mess – Mexican slang)

Description: Narcos might feature Pablo Escobar, the greatest outlaw in the world, but this features the most famous drug lord of them all – Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera, a.k.a. El Chapo.

The drama follows his insane chronicles, the true story of his rise, capture, and escape. If you like following Mexican drug cartel drama and enjoy the fast-paced chase scenes, then you’ll love El Chapo!

9. Rebeldes

For People Who Also Like: Heartfelt, Romantic, Gossip Girl

Spanish Accent: Mexico

Spanish Vocabulary You’ll Learn:

  • El rechazo (rejection)
  • El amor (love)
  • Prejuicios (judgments)
  • Rebelde (rebel)
  • Relaciones (relationships)

Description: Rebeldes is one of the most famous soap operas in all of Latin America… of all time.

It focuses on the lives of six different students at an exclusive prep school in Mexico, some of which are on scholarship, others of which are filthy rich. They discover that music and relationships can close the class divide, but not without a healthy dose of drama!

They have to rebel against the patterns of society that separate them. This is an interesting look into Mexican culture and full of Mexican slang.

10. El Chavo del Ocho (El Chavo)

For People Who Also Like: Comedy, Politics

Spanish Accent: Mexico

Spanish Vocabulary You’ll Learn:

  • Cosas de la vida (life things)
  • Regreso a clases (back to school)
  • Criaturas (children/creatures)
  • Educación (education/manners)
  • Comportamiento (behavior)

Description: This critically-acclaimed show is without a doubt the most popular show amongst the Latino community at large. It is so influential that one of the characters even made an appearance on the hit series Stranger Things.

El Chavo is a poor, nameless orphan (hence his name chavo, meaning “kid”) who lives in an apartment building with memorable characters such as La Chilindrina, Quico, Doña Florinda, Don Ramón and Professor Jirafales. They all have their own quirks, humorous contributions, and life advice to teach el Chavo.

More Mediums for Learning Spanish: Music & Apps

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