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Learn Funny Brazilian Slang Phrases on Instagram

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Greengo Dictionary – Current Brazilian Slang Phrases on Instagram

New Language Learning Method Alert!

There’s a new hilarious Instagram handle that has Brazilians cackling and language learners tilting their heads in confusion as Brazilian slang phrases get twisted into their direct translations in English.

If you’re tilting your head now, I will explain what I mean in a second.

Slang as a Unique Cultural Expression

We all know that expressions used by native speakers come from weird places in the perplexing crux where language and culture collide.

When we look into these cruxes, very rarely can we pinpoint exactly why we say “the elephant in the room” or “hold your horses,” — but the fact is that we all know what those phrases mean…and we probably use them a lot more than we think.

Cue, GreengoDictionary, an Instagram account that thought twice about how hilarious the common Brazilian slang phrases sounded when trying to explain them to someone outside of the culture, especially when they are so deeply rooted in the Brazilian Portuguese culture.

The account takes Brazilian slang and translates it directly into English without changing the phrase’s context. This makes for a weird-looking expression that is often completely nonsensical in English — it can make a person laugh out loud.

The account comes with an explanation of the Brazilian slang phrases and is set up like a dictionary. Here are some examples:

1. It all ends in pizza.

greengodictionary Brazilian slang instagram It all ends in pizza

This one is self-explanatory and hilarious. I’m not sure why we don’t use it in English, but it fits!

2. Ketchup on pizza.

greengodictionary Brazilian slang instagram ketchup na pizza

More pizza references? See a pattern already from which you can pull some cultural insight? There’s got to be something important about pizza to Brazilians!

3. Revenge is a dish eaten cold.

greengodictionary Brazilian slang instagram vinganca e um prato que se com frio

Hmmmm, interesting. I might need to use this one in the future if I am plotting a vengeful plan for someone.

4. The dog sucking on mango.

greengodictionary Brazilian slang instagram the dog sucking on mango

It makes absolutely no sense to me, but I will certainly use it in the future.

5. Speaks more than the snake man.

greengodictionary Brazilian slang instagram speaks more than the snake man

Don’t worry about becoming this person and speak more than the snake man all you want! That is how you will learn Portuguese and Brazilians actually love when “gringos” try speaking their language with them!

A quick note! Brazilians consider any FOREIGNER a gringo, including Hispanics! So if you are learning Portuguese, you most likely fall into this category!

Brazilian Phrases Expressions Grouped by Category

The best part about this account is that it groups a slideshow of expressions into one, diving deep into different areas of pop-culture, religion, relationships, and the politics that are uniquely related to Brazil.

It is a great way to keep learning about Brazilian culture, specifically how people use the language to express how they feel about topics that are important to them.

The crazy part about it all is that the slang is always changing and it is hard to know what Brazilians are talking about if these expressions are thrown around in your conversations.

In the  GreengoDictionary, there is a mix of age-old Brazilian slang phrases and other fresher ones that have risen in light of recent political events!

That’s why it’s important to continue checking back with this account so you can stay in the language learning loop when it comes to Brazilian Portuguese!

The Path to Portuguese Fluency With Pimsleur  

Take these new Brazilian phrases slang and add them to your Brazilian Portuguese arsenal! With these phrases, you are sure to make any Brazilian smile — or strike up funny conversations trying to figure out where the expressions actually came from.

Spoiler alert: Not even Brazilians always know the answer!

You can’t speak in slang 24/7 though(although Brazilians are notorious for their heavy use of slang in the language!) Make sure that you can hold a conversation with a native by actually learning the language.

With the Pimsleur Method, you can be fully fluent in Portuguese in no time — and you’ll have the slang to back it up when you are speaking with other Brazilians if you check this Greengo dictionary account!

Learn Portuguese this year and get a free 7-day trial today!

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