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Scandi-Pop : The Ultimate Scandinavian Playlist

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Scandinavian Music You Should be Listening to Right Now

When you think of the Scandinavian countries, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway- you may think of innovative design, salted fish, and magnificent landscapes. Yet Scandinavia has also become a dominant force in the global music scene.

More than 80 percent of Scandinavians speak English in additional to their native languages. Perhaps because English is so commonly spoken in these countries, many of these musical artists have broken into the global music scene.

This is why it is worth keeping an eye on the artists emerging from these countries. Here is a playlist of emerging Scandinavian pop artists that you should get to know.

Up And Coming Artists From Scandinavia You Should Know About (By Country):



Hilde Skaar is from the small island Stord in Norway. She claims the explosive and changing nature on her island inspires her to write her music, as it is reflective of human emotion. She is only 21 years old. Her genre is pop and electronic.  

Songs you should listen to by SKAAR: Quiet, Higher Ground, Five Times

Higher Ground


Spotify describes Moyka’s sounds as “intense, electronic landscapes.” Monika Engeseth is from the forests of Haligdal Valley in Norway. Monika got her start in professional music studying music production before breaking out on her own.

Songs you should listen to by Moyka: Ride, All the Things We Forgot, Colder


Amanda Delara

Amanda Delara is a Norwegian-Iranian R&B pop artist. Amanda Delara sings about the human condition using eastern sounds and hip hop and indie influences. She incorporates activism in her work, showing bombs and war in her visuals for her music video.

Songs you should listen to by Amanda Delara: Tell Me One Thing, New Generation, We Don’t Run from Anyone

Tell Me One Thing



Artist Léon is from Stockholm, Sweden. Listening to Léon may bring up memories of Amy Winehouse or Janis Joplin. Léon sings soul and R&B. Her raspy and emotional voice eludes to a maturity and performative confidence that appears beyond her years.

Songs you should listen to by Léon: And It Breaks My Heart, Come Home To Me, Who You Lovin

And It Breaks My Heart


Pauline Skott is from the small Swedish town Vikarbyn. As a young girl, she was primarily exposed to classical and folk music. In her teenage years, she traveled to the city and explored artists such as muse, and as well composed imaginary soundtracks for her favorite video games, Zelda and Final Fantasy. She then enrolled in music school, graduated, and released the EP stay off my mind. Her songs use ethereal and electronic influences.

Songs you should listen to by Skott: Mermaid, Porcelain, Wolf, Talk About Me

Talk About Me


The band Amason produces songs in both Swedish and English. Each band member is widely acclaimed in their own right, including, Amanda Bergman, Gustav Eistes, Pontus Winnberg, Petter Winnberg, and Nils Törngyist. They create alternative and indie music.

Songs you should listen to by Amason: Marry Me Just for Fun, Kelly, Duvan

Marry Me Just for Fun



Known for her honest lyrics and simple electronic beats, Jada is an artist to check out. Spotify calls her brand an “honest universe,” due to her emotional vulnerability and vocal purity. Jada’s influences are 2000’s pop and R&B.

Songs you should listen to by Jada: Lonely, Keep Cool, Nudes 



Anthropology major Soleima grew up in Aarhus, the Jutland peninsula of Denmark, listening to the likes of Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder. Her mother sent her to an African dance camp where she learned about music from Tanzania. Growing up, she also learned to play a variety of instruments. Her international exposure influences her sound, in which her unique childlike vocals envelop her listeners.

Songs you should listen to by Soleima: Low Life, Cheers for the Tears, We’re Going Home

Low Life

Kwamie Liv

Zambian-Danish artist Kwamie Liv is a singer-songwriter specializing in “Dark Pop.” Before becoming a professional musician, Kwamie Liv published photography and drawings on social media. Her music is electronic and pop, yet also gritty at the same time. She has been compared to Lana del Rey.

Songs you should listen to by Kwamie Liv: New Boo, All the Other Boys, Remember Me in Every Cloud

New Boo

Along with these emerging artists, it is worth mentioning the artists whose music you’ve probably already heard – but maybe you didn’t know they were from the North! Here is another list of pop artists that have had massive international success.

Scandinavian Artists that Have Already Made a Huge Global Impact


Robyn is a Swedish pop singer who grew to popularity in the 90’s. She started with more traditional pop before adapting to a more synth-pop sound later in her career.

Songs by Robyn: Dancing on My Own, Call Your Girlfriend, Show Me Love

Dancing on My Own

Oh Land

Have you ever seen the Danish show Rita on Netflix? Oh Land’s song Speak Out Now is the intro music! Oh Land, aka Nanna Øland Fabricius, has worked with the likes of Sia, Pharrell, and Jon Legend.  

Songs by Oh Land: Speak Out Now, Renaissance Girls, I Miss One Week Ago

Renaissance Girls

You may know her from the chart topper Lean On. MØ, born as Karen Marie Aagaard, is from Denmark, the Odense region. Her specialty is electro and synth pop. 

Songs by MØ: Final Song, Lean on, Don’t Leave

Final Song


This Norwegian singer has been conquering big musical festivals such as Roskilde and Coachella. Her single Don’t Kill My Vibe helped launch her into international fame.

Songs by Sigrid: Strangers, Don’t feel Like Crying, Don’t Kill My Vibe

Don’t Kill My Vibe

Icona Pop

The Swedish team Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo form the band Icona Pop, known for there electric house, dance pop sound. They both credit their successful collaboration to their long friendship. Their songwriting has contributed to the soundtracks of popular American groups, such as the Vampire Diaries, as well as internationally acclaimed singles (Remember 20012’s I Love It?).

Songs by Icona Pop: Feels in My Body, I Love It, Next Mistake

Feels in My Body

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  1. Norwegian rock/traditional fusion Gåte, and similarly oriented Lumsk are both worth a listen (for fans of melodic folk metal).

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