Top 7 Spanish Podcasts to Learn the Language

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Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world, and learning it can open countless doors to new cultures, countries, and people. Spanish can also be a challenging language to learn, though.

It uses accents (é) that don’t exist in English and has sounds that can be hard for non-Spanish speakers to pronounce, like rolling the r. These characteristics of the language give it its own rhythm.

Using an app to learn Spanish can help you build a solid foundation and become conversational, but it’s important to immerse yourself in the language to truly learn the rhythm and “feel” of Spanish. One of the best ways to do this is by listening to Spanish podcasts. 

These 7 Spanish podcasts can improve your comprehension skills and help you speak more naturally

1. Spanish Language Coach 

Best Podcasts for Learning Spanish

César, the Spanish Language Coach, is from Spain and creates a weekly podcast perfect for intermediate students called Intermediate Spanish Podcast. He discusses many topics like Spanish stereotypes, social issues, vegetarianism, and life in Spain.

One of the best aspects of the Intermediate Spanish Podcast is that all the episodes are free, and all come with a transcript. The transcripts can come in handy if you want to study the vocabulary afterward, and you can follow along with them as you listen. You can check out the Intermediate Spanish Podcast here.

2. Unlimited Spanish

Spanish podcasts

The Unlimited Spanish podcast is another great way for advanced beginners and intermediate Spanish learners to immerse themselves in the language. The host, Òscar, is from Spain and speaks clearly using simple and straightforward language. The episodes cover different topics like unique aspects of the Spanish language, colloquial expressions from Spain, and personal stories. 

Like the Spanish Language Coach, all episodes of the Unlimited Spanish podcast come with a free transcript. The episodes are engaging because they all end with a real-life story. After he’s finished telling the story, Òscar asks you questions and gives you time to respond. This is a great way to practice your conversational skills! The Unlimited Spanish episodes are available on the website and all major streaming apps.

3. 1001 Reasons to Learn Spanish 

podcasts for spanish learners

If you’re looking for humor while you learn Spanish, look no further than the 1001 Reasons to Learn Spanish podcast. It’s hosted by Juan, a seasoned Spanish teacher who covers grammar and vocabulary in a relaxed and entertaining way. Because he’s a teacher, he can explain the difficult concepts of Spanish in a way that’s easy to understand.

Each episode of 1001 Reasons to Learn Spanish comes with a free transcript, and some of the episodes also have free exercises for you to complete afterward. Because he speaks naturally and fluidly, listening to this podcast can help you learn colloquial Spanish expressions in the right context. You can check out the episodes on the website.

4. How to Spanish

how to podcasts in spanish

How to Spanish covers every aspect of Mexican culture, from living in Mexico to unique Mexican expressions. The hosts, Ana and David, are both from Mexico, speak clearly, and are easily understood. The entire podcast is in Spanish, so it’s best suited for intermediate and advanced learners.

There are two subseries of the podcast: one specifically focuses on Spanish musicians and artists and discusses their work and their lives; the other teaches you different Mexican phrases and slang starting with each letter of the alphabet. How to Spanish shows the beauty of Mexico and can help you gain a deeper understanding of Mexican culture. You can find all podcast episodes here.

5. Complete Spanish

learning spanish audio

The Complete Spanish podcast is designed for beginner and low-intermediate learners looking to take their communication skills to the next level. It’s a really unique podcast because it helps you understand the similarities between English and Spanish instead of trying to teach you Spanish from scratch. Learning this way can complement the other learning resources you’re using.

The episodes are pretty short (around 10 minutes), so they’re manageable and won’t leave your brain feeling fried afterward. There are 90 episodes, all free on the Language Transfer website. It’s best to listen to these in a quiet place because they’re interactive and get you speaking from the first episode. 

6. El Washington Post

El Washington Post podcast learn spanish

If you’re a news junkie, it’s definitely worth checking out the Washington Post’s Spanish podcast, El Washington Post. It covers the latest news stories, and the episodes are all in Spanish. The hosts and guests come from various countries, so you’ll be exposed to different Spanish accents and ways of speaking. 

The episodes run about 15-20 minutes each and usually cover 3-4 news stories. They provide an interesting perspective because there’s a multicultural element, and intermediate and advanced Spanish learners can pick up a lot of cultural knowledge by listening. The episodes are perfect to listen to in the car or on a walk.

7. Radio Ambulante

 Radio Ambulante podcast
Radio Ambulante

The Radio Ambulante podcast features speakers from around Latin America, making it a great resource for high-intermediate and advanced learners. The episodes tell the stories of everyday people who have had unique experiences throughout Latin America and the United States.

Each episode has a free transcript available in both English and Spanish, and the content is perfect for those who want to truly immerse themselves in different Spanish-speaking cultures. The podcast is sponsored by NPR; you can find all the episodes and transcripts on the website.

Adding Culture to Your Language Learning

The main reason we learn languages is to communicate with other people. In addition to studying the language, we need to learn how to talk to people in a way they’ll understand. That’s where podcasts can help.

Whether you’re learning Latin American Spanish or Castilian Spanish, listening to podcasts and learning to speak more naturally can help you talk to Spanish speakers wherever you go. They are also a great way to pick up colloquial expressions that make the locals think you’re a native speaker!

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