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What’s Your Zodiac Sign in Spanish – ¿Cuál Es Tu Signo?

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Your Spanish Zodiac Sign

You probably already know it in English, but can you talk about it in Spanish? 

A lot of people know their zodiac signs (signos de zodiaco), even if they don’t know the meaning behind them. Maybe you’ve encountered online quizzes or memes that also poke fun at certain signs.

Nowadays, zodiac signs are a pretty common topic of discussion between new acquaintances and friends alike. Talking about them is an easy way to make small talk or pass the time; sometimes, they can help you connect with other people. 

Building connections with native speakers can be hard when you’re learning a language, making talking about zodiac signs the perfect go-to topic.

So let’s look at the different zodiac signs in Spanish to make your next conversation more mystical!

The 12 Spanish Zodiac Signs and How They Affect Your Life

Acuario / Aquarius

Spanish Zodiac Signs Acuario Aquarius

If you were born between el 20 de enero y el 18 de febrero (January 20-February 18), your sign is Aquarius or Acuario. The symbol for Acuario is the water bearer, which uses the water to wash away the past and make room for a fresh start. In Spanish, it’s called el portador de agua, which is pretty much a direct translation from English. 

Piscis / Pisces

Zodiac Signs in Spanish - Piscis Pisces

Pisces, or Piscis, is your sign if you were born between el 19 de febrero y el 20 de marzo (February 19-March 20). Pisces’s symbol, or símbolo, is two fish (dos peces). They constantly swim in circles around each other to show how Pisces intertwine reality and fantasy. Pisces also surround themselves with different groups of people and are always willing to help others.

Aries / Aries

Spanish Zodiac Aries Aries

If your birthday is between el 21 de marzo y el 19 de abril (March 21-April 19), your sign is Aries. It’s easy to remember no matter which language you’re speaking because it’s spelled the same in both English and Spanish. El símbolo de Aries is the ram, which represents courage and fighting for what you believe in. In Spanish, this symbol is called el carnero.

Tauro / Taurus

what are the zodiac signs in spanish - Tauro Taurus

Taurus, or Tauro, is your sign if you were born between el 20 de abril y el 20 de mayo (April 20-May 20). The symbol for Tauro is the bull (el toro), which symbolizes a connection to earth and being well-grounded and practical. One of the main characteristics of this sign is its reliability and willingness to stick to its choices.

Géminis / Gemini

spanish zodiac vocabulary Géminis Gemini

You’re a Géminis if you have a birthday between el 21 de mayo y el 20 de junio (May 21-June 20). Geminis are known for having two different personalities; you never know which one you’ll get. That’s part of the reason that el símbolo for Geminis is twins (los gemelos/las gemelas)

Cáncer / Cancer

how do you say the zodiac in spanish? Cáncer Cancer

The next zodiac sign on the calendar is Cáncer. This is the sign for people born between June 21 and July 22 (el 21 de junio y el 22 de julio). Un cangrejo (a crab) is the symbol for Cancer, and it has a pretty cool meaning. Crabs can easily move between the sea and the shore like Cancers can navigate the material and emotional worlds around them.

Leo / Leo

spanish horoscopes Leo Leo

Leos are people born between el 23 de julio y el 22 de agosto (July 23-August 22). They’re a strong group of people and are natural-born leaders, so it makes perfect sense that their symbol is the lion (el león). Leos can also unite different groups of people and help them achieve a shared goal. 

Virgo / Virgo

what's your sign in spanish Virgo Virgo

If your birthday is between August 23 and September 22 (el 23 de agosto y el 22 de septiembre), you’re a Virgo. Like a few other signs on the list, it’s the same in Spanish and English, so it’s super easy to remember! The symbol of Virgo is la virgin (the virgin), which means they experience the world around them with a fresh perspective.

Libra / Libra

¿Cuál Es Tu Signo? Libra Libra

Libra is another sign that’s the same in both languages. You’re a Libra if your birthday falls between el 23 de septiembre y el 22 de octubre (September 23-October 22). Libras are a pretty balanced bunch and always try to be as fair as possible. To represent this, el símbolo de Libra is the scale (las escalas). 

Escorpio / Scorpio

Learn zodiac in spanish Escorpio Scorpio

Scorpios have a birthday between October 23 and November 21 (el 23 de octubre y el 21 de noviembre). They’re passionate and fearless when faced with obstacles, and are one of the most determined zodiac signs. Their symbol is the scorpion (el escorpión), but don’t worry – Scorpios aren’t poisonous (usually)!

Sagitario / Sagittarius

spanish zodiac vocabulary Sagitario Sagittarius

You’re a Sagitario if you were born between el 22 de noviembre y el 21 de diciembre (November 22-December 21). If you’re a language lover, you probably have some of the same characteristics as Sagitarios. They love traveling and are curious about the world around them. They also like to have clear goals and find the best ways to achieve them. Fittingly, their symbol is the bow and arrow (el arco y la flecha).

Capricornio / Capricorn

Capricornio Capricorn  characteristics of your zodiac sign

For those born between December 22 and January 19 (el 22 de diciembre y el 19 de enero), your sign is Capricorn, or Capricornio. El símbolo de Capricornio is the goat (la cabra). This group tends to be more serious and independent, and they have excellent self-control. One characteristic Capricorns share with language learners is their ability to learn from their mistakes. 

Learn To Describe Yourself In Spanish

Do you have the same characteristics as your zodiac sign? Whether you believe in them or not, knowing a little more about your sign in Spanish can lead to some fun and interesting conversations with other Spanish speakers. And now you’ll have the perfect response next time someone asks ¿cuál es tu signo?

Knowing this vocabulary is just the start, though. If you really want to become conversational in Spanish, it’s a good idea to study with a more complete course, like Pimsleur’s Spanish course. You’ll start speaking from your very first lesson and have full conversations before you know it! 

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